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Overbond BPS Comparison

Comparison - Better Process, Stronger Relationships

Use best of fintech innovation to achieve optimal investment operations. Better process, effective communication and stronger relationships with all capital markets participants.

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One cloud-based platform

Hundreds of PDFs and excel files from multiple sources
Demand Discovery Process
Digital, secure, and private with real-time communication and full history available

Static communication (email) with no history availability
Relationship Management
Real time private communication, advanced analytics, calendaring and integration

Manual tracking with 500+ hours on administrative and manual communication
Dealer & Issuer Information
Customized issuer and dealer profiling

Hundreds of hours spent profiling manually
Market Data & Analysis
Direct API feeds, with insights generated through proprietary analytics engine

Various levels from different unrelated sources
Charting, Analytics, History
Automatically generated, Advanced data visualization tools

Hundreds of hours on manual data manipulations
Interest Return
Integrated cross-currency swap and single currency computational tool

Disparate computational tools
Bank grade encryption (See Platform Security)

Forwardable unsecured e-mails
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