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Overbond Directory Overview

Investor Directory - Strong Investor Base, Diversification

Participation in a bond sale is a long term commitment. Maintaining a strong and engaged investor base is critical especially in today’s low secondary market liquidity environments. Overbond Investor Directory allows issuers to better understand the investor base and discover opportunities.

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Fixed Income Directory and Profiling

Search Overbond’s proprietary investor and dealer directory. Get in-depth understanding of key institutional investors and dealers. Better gauge investor style and appetite. Find opportunities to build stronger or new relationships.


Investor Base Analytics

Use advanced investor base analytics to identify opportunities. Identify investors with matching needs. Build stronger and more diverse investor base.

Issuer-Investor Relationship Management

Proactively manage relationships with institutional fixed income portfolio managers. Standardized communication and investor marketing management.


Fixed Income Investors Directory

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Overbond works with some of the largest borrowers, investors and dealers in North America

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