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Overbond COBI-Issuance Report

COBI-Issuance White Paper

Overbond’s Primary Fixed Income Issuance Prediction model, COBI-Issuance, delivers on Issuance Discovery with issuance opportunity monitoring and matching signal alerts. Market counterparties can focus their pre-trade analytics on most likely new bond issuances with optimal pricing and supply-demand trend, resulting in increased efficiency and portfolio alpha.

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Overbond COBI-Issuance Report

COBI-Bond Issuance International AI White Paper

Overbond’s primary fixed income prediction model for global issuance, COBI Bond Issuance International AI, combines the capabilities of COBI-Pricing, COBI-Issuance and COBI-Bond Buyer Matching and delivers on issuance discovery in all G-10 currencies with issuance opportunity monitoring and matching with institutional investment preferences. It is an advanced three phase AI algorithm engineered to measure best fit correlations with respect to company fundamental valuation and secondary market pricing for their bonds across sector peers and markets conditions at large and build relative value pricing curves in all G-10 currencies that issuer has bond denominated in (EUR, CAD, GPB, JPY, NOK, AUD, NZD, CHF, and SEK)

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Overbond Pension Plan Report

Pension Plan Debt Issuance in Canada

On June 21st, 2017 AIMCo joined the list of pension funds issuing debt by launching its initial debt offering, a AAA rated C$400M 7-year note priced at 2.266%. This report analyzes the key trends and reasons for why large pension funds in Canada are starting to issue more and more debt.

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