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Overbond Team


Vuk Magdelinic

Before founding Overbond, Mr. Magdelinic’s career spans over 15 years in capital markets and technology. As PwC Risk and Regulatory consulting manager, Mr. Magdelinic led large digital transformation programs at Deutsche Bank and BNY Mellon in New York City. Mr. Magdelinic has played lead roles in several multi-billion dollar digitization and regulatory reporting programs at top tier financial institutions in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Caribbean. Over the course of his career Mr. Magdelinic has had extensive experience leading teams in strategic risk and compliance transformation, shared services implementation for financial institutions, impact assessment, operational target state development, governance structure development and regulatory driven change.

Mr. Magdelinic led the team of 30 consultants in development of the Shared Services Model for enterprise wide Regulatory Reporting Program staffed with 300+ client employees for a large financial institution. Mr. Magdelinic assisted the client in Product Matrix Review against US regulatory requirements formulating key business impact and change management strategy for complex Fixed Income derivative structures.

As an engagement lead, leveraging industry best practices and subject matter experts from UK, US and Canada Mr. Magdelinic guided large capital markets dealer in design of their risk metrics control and governance structure with respect to Volcker Rule requirements. Mr. Magdelinic led a team of consultants and implementation engineers in development of the Future State Architecture and Target Operating Model for strategic integration of front and back office workflow functions realizing key cost benefits.

Prior to PwC, Mr. Magdelinic worked at CIBC Fixed Income trading floor in Toronto in structured products origination capacity. Mr. Magdelinic modeled and priced exotic risk and structured fixed income investments for institutional, corporate and retail investors. Mr. Magdelinic delivered attractive risk adjusted returns that raised over 300 million dollars. During his tenure at CIBC, Mr. Magdelinic also spearheaded and led development of high-frequency booking platform, incorporating process engineering models, with streamlined operation for OTC trading to utilize internal books risk offsetting, manage liquidity, optimize term funding and credit exposure.

Mr. Magdelinic has collaborated on numerous publications addressing key trends in fintech innovation. Mr. Magdelinic mentors entrepreneurs at Founders Institute and Tech Stars programs in Toronto and New York. Mr. Magdelinic holds Electrical Engineering degree from University of Toronto, MBA from Ivey School of Business and is an avid skier and abstract painter.

VP Engineering

Daniel Nita

Daniel is an accomplished software engineering professional with a career spanning more than 20 years of experience in application, data, and infrastructure architecture. He has played leading technology roles in product and solution architecture and development at IBM, and was part of the CIBC enterprise architecture team for capital markets and enterprise data.

Before joining Overbond, Daniel led the architecture and then the IT infrastructure and operations at a fintech startup that was acquired by smartTrade. There he focused on trading applications and real-time streaming data pipelines, and the delivery of the solutions using cloud technologies. Adept in understanding and translating business requirements into scalable, extensible, and cost-effective technology solutions, Daniel is experienced in all phases of software development life cycle using agile and iterative development methodologies.

At Overbond, Daniel leads all engineering and data-pipeline initiatives.

Director of Engineering

Catalin Placintescu

Catalin joined Overbond technical team as the Director of Engineering. He is a software engineer professional with more than 20 years of experience in software development and architecture, team leading and mentoring with a focus on data engineering and science. Prior to joining Overbond, Catalin has played key roles in solution architecture and software development at major Canadian banks (EQB, CIBC, BMO) and led the data engineering for a fintech startup focused on automatic high frequency crypto and forex market trading.

Through a unique combination of startup agility, open collaboration approach and in-depth technological knowledge, Catalin has led major technical projects to completion and driven the adoption of innovative technological platforms and methodologies, like the cross border quoting engine at EBay Inc, the OneDegree intranet platform at CanadaPost or the Digital Banking payment orchestration middleware at Equitable Bank.

Global Business Development

Jeremy Brecevic

For the past decade, Jeremy Brecevic has collaborated with financial institutions, assisting them with utilizing technology to transform their data into a decision making asset. His desire to fully comprehend and understand client needs, coupled with his knowledge of trading technologies and regulatory requirements has helped to align people, teams and businesses by giving them the confidence to act.

Prior to joining Overbond as the Head of European Sales, Jeremy ran a systematic alternative investments strategy at Sinusoidal Capital and oversaw the Fixed Income eTrading team at Bloomberg LP. He has a Bachelors of Business Administration (Honours Finance) from Wilfrid Laurier University and is currently finishing his Master of Science in Data Science from City, University of London.

Outside of work, Jeremy is passionate about volunteering his time with philanthropic organizations that seek to help with mental health issues and underprivileged/at-risk youths. You can reach Jeremy at jeremy.brecevic@overbond.com

Data Science Director

Henry Hong

Mr. Hong is Data Science Director at Overbond with over 10 years of experience in building statistical and machine learning model. Mr. Hong is proficient in translating business and functional requirements into optimal solutions using quantitative skills.

Mr. Hong is a highly motivated data scientist armed with vast experience in data cleansing, feature extraction and statistical /machine learning model construction. He is creative in finding solutions to problems and providing optimal solutions with the ability to deliver information in a clear and efficient way in high-pressure environments without compromising accuracy and quality of work.

As a Data Science Director, Mr. Hong is in charge of the architecture, integration and analysis of large data sets used for developing machine learning models and generating business insights. Mr. Hong utilizes latest statistical, machine learning, and predictive analytics techniques to transform unstructured data to creative solutions at Overbond.

Prior to Overbond, Mr. Hong worked as data scientist at State Street where he was responsible for developing predictive models for liquidity cost (spread) and volume of fixed income transactions. He employed machine learning algorithms such as boosting based on Hadoop platform to identify a pattern of transactions in collaboration with data engineering team. He built various data pipelines using pySpark and hive to process large volumes of data sourced from vendors such as Bloomberg to feed inputs to daily prediction models.

Mr. Hong also worked in major financial institutions as a risk analyst. He implemented net cash flow forecasting model given the idiosyncratic and macro-economic scenarios. Mr. Hong holds a MBA from University of Rochester and Master's degree in Architecture Engineering from Hanyng University. He is currently pursuing Master of Computer Science degree at Georgi Institute of Technology

Capital Markets Strategy

Paul Gover

Paul is an industry leader, trading executive and fixed income expert with 25 years experience in the financial services industry. Paul headed Financial Markets at Westpac in Europe and the Americas. Previously to Westpac, Paul held senior trading positions within Citibank. Paul draws upon his financial markets experience, along with his deep technology and market infrastructure knowledge in his advisory role working directly with the Overbond CEO.

Paul holds a Bachelors degree in American Studies, Politics, History and Literature from University of Reading and a Master’s degree in International Securities and Investment Banking from ICMA Centre.

Data Science and Models Implementation

Yifan Fan

Operating in a cross functional collaboration structure between Data Science team, Data engineering and core Capital Markets subject matter expert team, Yifan is responsible for Fixed Income research and development of the Overbond data science AI models and implementation. Yifan brings with him a combination of technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning modeling expertise and extensive quantitative capital markets back-testing experience.

Prior to joining Overbond, Yifan was developing multi-wave prediction models, pattern detecting and stop-loss algorithms to generate enhanced investment portfolio return. Yifan was coding in Python and and deployed the production environment on AWS. Yifan improved the realised investment return rates by optimizing the parameters with deep gradient descent, genetic algorithm, and PSO method.

Yifan holds a Bachelor of Science, Specialization in Mathematics from University of Alberta and Master of Data Analytics in applied Science degree from Western University.

Sales Associate

Brandon Griffin

As part of the Overbond Marketing & Sales team, Mr. Griffin is primarily focused on sell-side dealer financial institutions and bond trading operations. Mr.Griffin employs specialized knowledge of the market and the products and services to review opportunities with clients, continually foster relationships, distribute research, coordinate the marketing of the Overbond products, and build brand awareness of the Overbond AI modeling capabilities. Mr. Griffin also strategizes with clients to identify new initiatives and partnership opportunities.

Mr. Griffin holds an Honors Degree in Finance and an Honors Diploma in Finance, with an extensive sales background leading multiple Sales and Marketing departments in numerous industries to implement new sales and marketing strategies enhancing company performance.

Full Stack Engineer

Tian Yu

Tian is a software engineer with expertise in the design and web development. Currently, Tian is responsible for maintaining Overbond’s existing suite of digital products and back-end database structures, while also leveraging new tools to expand the scope of many existing analytics features.

Tian leads the full stack development team in the integration of external data sources with internal platforms and re-structuring the data architecture of Overbond end-of-day databases. This involves transforming, storing and ultimately displaying data in a value-added manner for consumption by financial experts.

Tian is pursuing bachelor’s degree in applied science in Engineering Science from University of Toronto.

Full Stack Engineer

Fan Chen

Fan is a software engineer with expertise in the design and development of automation process for systematic replication of the index replication methodologies. Currently, Fan is responsible for maintaining Overbond’s existing suite data streams and end-of-day data intake processes and back-end database structures, while also leveraging new tools to process data, perform pricing and liquidity calculations for various types of fixed income securities.

Fan leads the full stack development team in the integration of external data sources with internal platforms and utilising existing Overbond data architectures to deliver modelled data enrichments to Overbond clients.

Fan is pursuing bachelor’s degree in applied science in Computer Science from University of Toronto.

Full Stack Engineer

Dixit Khunt

As a part of full stack developer team, Dixit maintains Overbond’s existing suite of data streams and digital products. He has about 3 years of experience in developing and delivering a quality product, backtested extensively to ensure correctness. He is responsible for managing databases to have latest available market data. Task automation is something that he enjoys, as it benefit the organization is the long run. His work at Overbond benefits financial experts in making decisions of various caliber. Dixit is an intellectual being, committed to his work, and a man of patience. Passionate about tech and finance.

Currently pursuing a Specialist degree in Computer Science at University of Toronto.

Overbond Advisory Board

Grace Schalkwyk

CEO, Gramercy Digital Strategy Advisors

Grace has deep domain expertise in the financial services and information industries. Based in New York, she advises emerging technology companies on business strategy and revenue development, and develops new business ideas. From 2001 to 2009, she led Standard and Poor’s global credit information and data business to 22% annual growth, from $50 million to $200 million over 8 years. Previously, from 1999 to 2001, she was Chief Financial Officer at Artnet.com, a German-American company serving the fine art sector. From 1996 to 1998, she was the Vice President of Business Development at Reuters America, where she extensively surveyed financial technologies and market data opportunities. She was an investment banker at Credit Suisse (First Boston) from 1983 to 1995, originating and executing 100 transactions including fixed income, equity, IPO, project finance, acquisitions, divestitures, and privatizations for Canadian and US companies.

Earl Davis

Former Director Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities (FICC) at Ontario Teacher Pension Plan, former Vice President and Director, Fixed Income STIR Trading at TD Securities

Earl is an industry leader, trader and fixed income expert with 25 years experience in the financial services industry. Earl headed Fixed Income Trading for Ontario Teacher Pension Plan for 11 years. Previously to Teachers Earl held senior positions within the TD Securities. Earl draws upon his financial markets trading experience, along his deep technology and market infrastructure knowledge I his advisory role with Overbond R&D Labs evangelizing new bond pricing models and new applications of AI models in fixed income industry.

Dave Tersigni

Former Managing Director Senior Term Funding and International Money Market Funding at Scotiabank

At Scotiabank Dave lead an international team with operations in London, New York, Toronto, and Singapore. The Funding team managed by Dave was responsible for Scotiabank’s unsecured funding operations through the entire yield curve, overnight and beyond. In addition to his unsecured funding mandate, Dave was also responsible for the execution of Scotiabank’s Covered Bond issuance. Dave has more than 30 years of experience in International Debt Markets and a life-long interest in trading system development.

Alvin Burgos

Former Head of US Fixed Income Sector Management Trading at DWS Group

At DWS, Alvin led a team that included 14 investment professionals focused on Fixed Income and FX markets, which consisted of providing execution for the global platform (Active, Passive and Alternative strategies) in Credit ($34bn annual turnover), Rates and Derivatives ($90bn annual turnover), FX ($120 bn annual turnover) and MBS ($36 bn annual turnover). Alvin has held senior fixed income positions at several Wall Street financial institutions since late nineties and continues to lead industry wide adoption of cutting-edge technologies and predictive analytics algorithms in fixed income trading.