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Vuk Magdelinic

Before founding Overbond, Mr. Magdelinic’s career spans over 15 years in capital markets and technology. As PwC Risk and Regulatory consulting manager, Mr. Magdelinic led large digital transformation programs at Deutsche Bank and BNY Mellon in New York City. Mr. Magdelinic has played lead roles in several multi-billion dollar digitization and regulatory reporting programs at top tier financial institutions in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Caribbean. Over the course of his career Mr. Magdelinic has had extensive experience leading teams in strategic risk and compliance transformation, shared services implementation for financial institutions, impact assessment, operational target state development, governance structure development and regulatory driven change.

Mr. Magdelinic led the team of 30 consultants in development of the Shared Services Model for enterprise wide Regulatory Reporting Program staffed with 300+ client employees for a large financial institution. Mr. Magdelinic assisted the client in Product Matrix Review against US regulatory requirements formulating key business impact and change management strategy for complex Fixed Income derivative structures.

As an engagement lead, leveraging industry best practices and subject matter experts from UK, US and Canada Mr. Magdelinic guided large capital markets dealer in design of their risk metrics control and governance structure with respect to Volcker Rule requirements. Mr. Magdelinic led a team of consultants and implementation engineers in development of the Future State Architecture and Target Operating Model for strategic integration of front and back office workflow functions realizing key cost benefits.

Prior to PwC, Mr. Magdelinic worked at CIBC Fixed Income trading floor in Toronto in structured products origination capacity. Mr. Magdelinic modeled and priced exotic risk and structured fixed income investments for institutional, corporate and retail investors. Mr. Magdelinic delivered attractive risk adjusted returns that raised over 300 million dollars. During his tenure at CIBC, Mr. Magdelinic also spearheaded and led development of high-frequency booking platform, incorporating process engineering models, with streamlined operation for OTC trading to utilize internal books risk offsetting, manage liquidity, optimize term funding and credit exposure.

Mr. Magdelinic has collaborated on numerous publications addressing key trends in fintech innovation. Mr. Magdelinic mentors entrepreneurs at Founders Institute and Tech Stars programs in Toronto and New York. Mr. Magdelinic holds Electrical Engineering degree from University of Toronto, MBA from Ivey School of Business and is an avid skier and abstract painter.

Sales Manager

Justin Hui

Mr. Hui is responsible for Overbond’s global sales initiative across the Americas, Europe and Asia. He is focused on new client acquisition in these regions and manages existing client relationships.

Mr. Hui brings to the team a breadth of experience, having covered institutional clients in New York and Hong Kong for fixedincome and foreign exchange products. His coverage universe has included central banks, treasuries, asset managers, insurance companies, pension funds and hedge funds. Mr. Hui has 13 years of capital markets experience with roles at several of Canada’s largest banks and pension funds.

Prior to joining Overbond, he held the role of Vice-President, Institutional FICC Sales at the Bank of Montreal in Hong Kong. Mr. Hui’s primary coverage was focused on providing liquidity in US Rates/MBS and SSAs to bank treasuries in Singapore and Hong Kong. As a collaborative team member, he was able to gain exposure covering institutional clients in a number of other countries in the region, including China, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam and Thailand. Before his time in Asia, Mr. Hui was a sales associate on the US IG Credit Sales desk at Scotiabank in New York, where was able to onboard and generate profit from over120 new middle-market institutional clients in the US.

Along with his experience in sales, Mr. Hui has often combined his market knowledge with his technical capabilities by creating automated tools to enhance the sales workflows and apply best practices of natively digital approach.

Mr. Hui holds a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from the University of Waterloo and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Product Director & Account Manager

Rajiv Kaushal

Mr. Kaushal is responsible for core firm product leadership and account management at Overbond. He works in close collaboration with sales and marketing and directly with the data science and engineering teams. With over 10 years of experience working in capital markets and consulting, he has helped lead many large-scale transformational initiatives.

As a product director, Mr. Kaushal will be managing implementation efforts by focusing on the firm roadmap. He will play a pivotal role in ensuring the development and delivery of Overbond’s AI Fixed Income product suite by working extensively with in-house subject matter experts and managing product and development teams. He will also oversee data partner relationships and vendor integrations. Mr. Kaushal brings specific expertise in these core areas, applying industry best practices to ensure efficient and timely delivery of new work packages.

Prior to Overbond, Mr. Kaushal worked with both Canadian & U.S. banks on various regulatory driven programs and enterprise level digital transformation implementations. Mr. Kaushal has led small teams of consultants, business analysts and QA’s to enhance legacy risk reporting architecture and aided in the development of regulatory compliant modules for hedge-effectiveness testing. Mr. Kaushal helped interpret, document and design new workflow for the Structured Notes trading business, in alignment with IAS 39 standard. Using custom built models, he created test plans and scripts to test Risk-Weighted Assets (RWA) calculation functionality, using the IRB approach. Mr. Kaushal has helped produce whitepapers on the pricing of digital assets, working directly with a Canadian based digital asset data provider. Most recently, he directly managed client accounts and oversaw the deployments of leading CPM and AI Audit solutions for the enterprise.

Data Science and Engineering

Seyed Nabavi

Mr. Nabavi is Senior Data Scientist and Engineering Leader with over 10 years of advanced AI/ML modeling and implementation experience. Mr. Nabavi brings to Overbond extensive experience in building enterprise software products and the passion for innovation, team building, and technology leadership. Mr. Nabavi is responsible for applying statistics, machine learning, deep learning and big data techniques to develop predictive analytics business solutions for financial services and capital markets. Mr. Nabavi is leading data science and engineering implementation at Overbond and is responsible for both model development and technology operations.

As a senior full stack developer, Mr. Nabavi is leading Overbond engineering implementation efforts by focusing on core integration strategy. Mr. Nabavi manages Overbond diverse API data-intake connections with public and private data sources required for data science applications. Mr. Nabavi brings specific expertise in leading database design and architecture using state-of-the-art technologies and back-end system architecture standards to develop proprietary time series queries and on-demand elastic delivery to the Overbond machine learning modelling engine output.

Prior to Overbond, Mr. Nabavi led research and development at the leading AI start-up where he analyzed, built, tuned and deployed Crypto-Currency Market Capitalization forecasting model and achieved more than 96% accuracy of the actual price by analyzing market capitalization volatility and applying most advanced machine learning, deep learning, and recurrent neural networks (RNN). Mr. Nabavi also built and deployed advanced fraud predictor that successfully achieves 96% recall score within highly imbalanced data set by using data exploration, applied statistics, and ensemble of machine learning algorithms, including random forest, logistic regression, SVC classifier, and KNN classifier. Apart from these applications Mr. Nabavi has also deployed numerous accurate prediction models for telemarketing campaigns in cyber-space using exploratory data analysis and advanced decision tree modeling.

Prior to this, Mr. Nabavi led research and development team in the advanced commercial application as Lead Researcher Scientist at University of Ottawa where he developed and tested novel statistical algorithms (Polynomial Chaos, Stochastic Testing, Monte Carlo) to efficiently quantify uncertainties in radio frequency systems using Python, Pandas, SQL, MATLAB, Matplotlib in Ubuntu Linux environment. Mr. Nabavi also performed descriptive and inferential multivariate statistical analysis to obtain accelerated insights and compare newest machine learning algorithms with the traditional approaches. Further to this, Mr. Nabavi researched, developed and tested a hybrid mathematical model order reduction algorithm to reduce memory consumption and computational cost applying harmonic balance simulation technique.

Mr. Nabavi holds a Master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Ottawa and a Master’s degree in Electronics Engineering from Azad University.

Credit Pricing and Systematic Market Research

Julius Mathias

Mr. Mathias is a credit pricing and market research expert with over 15 years of experience in capital markets, DCM corporate bond underwriting and research. Mr. Mathias developed and maintained models for CPI, WPI and GDP forecasting, systematic research signalling and market surveillance for central bank policy action outlook. Analyzed sensitivity impact on euro-area economy with specific focus and model hyper-tuning with respect to outlook for the rates market-forecasting.

Prior to Overbond, Mr. Mathias advised clients on new issuance opportunities at one of the leading global banks. Managed Debt Capital Markets–Investment Grade Bonds coverage and structuring & financing of several individual bond transactions, such as Vodafone dual tranche Euro deal, McDonald’s triple tranche dual currency deal, Imperial Tobacco bond deal, GMF debut Euro deal, Priceline debut Euro deal and many more.

Mr. Mathias established macro-economic analysis methodology of EMU-10 economies with key focus on developing trading strategies for Govvies and rates, measured sensitivities and correlations to credit markets. Mr. Mathias deployed a computationally efficient multivariate statistical model (Decoupled Polynomial Chaos) to quantify uncertainties in macro variable economic state sensitivity to credit bond pricing movements and established PCA hierarchy to optimally apply sector specific clustering.

Also, Mr. Mathias exploited Neural Networks and Deep Learning in establishing architecture for fixed income data intake and data normalization for systematic monitoring of bond price momentum.

Mr. Mathias hold’s a Bachelor degree in Science from Narsee Monjee College and is a certified Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Fixed Income Valuation and Risk

Tim Self

Mr. Self is responsible for new and existing fixed income product development at Overbond, working in close collaboration with the sales & marketing, data science and engineering teams. Mr. Self brings a combination of overall market experience and quantitative skills developed, mastered and employed over the course of his career in his role as fixed income product expert for Overbond.

Mr. Self has many years of capital markets experience, covering both buy- and sell-sides of the investment spectrum. A large portion of this was that of a highly visible rates strategist for a number of Canadian investment dealers, including CIBC World Markets, TD Securities, and Burns Fry Limited. Core to such responsibilities was an understanding of economic fundamentals driving market performance, the identification of market themes and trends, the associated risks, and the construction of an evolving strategic view and generation of tactical trade recommendations in both cash and derivatives. His approach to the overall investment process as a combination of top-down fundamentals and bottom-up quantitative.

Mr. Self spent over two years with Algorithmics in a period covering the financial crisis, focusing on market risk measurement, as well as optimization-based portfolio replication for the insurance industry. Mr. Self‘s background in fixed income portfolio management, trading, and other risk taking includes several years as Assistant Portfolio Manager at Investors Group in Winnipeg, and a partnership at Cornerstone Capital Partners, a G10-focused global macro hedge fund. At Investors Group, Mr. Self was very much involved in the management of corporate interest rate risk through the introduction and employment of financial derivative strategies, as well as the reporting on the effectiveness of these to key stakeholders. Mr. Self has international rates experience, having worked in Germany as rates strategist.

Mr. Self holds a Bachelor of Arts – Economics degree from the University of Manitoba, with both Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Professional Risk Managers (PRM) designations.

Data Science and Models Implementation

Susan Liu

Over the course of her capital markets career, Ms. Liu led advanced models development initiatives and full stack development for numerous economic forecasting models at leading global financial institutions. Ms. Liu currently manages Overbond diverse API connections with public and private data sources and leads data engineering design and architecture design within data science team.

Ms. Liu is a data integration expert with deep expertise in database design who has developed responsive client facing software applications using various programming languages, frameworks and technologies. Ms. Liu leads data engineering team responsible for intaking raw data for index pricing, time series visualizations and feature engineering.

Prior to Overbond, Ms. Liu worked on several data science projects that improved processing efficiency by using pre-trained data sets and embedding data dictionary components to extract information from raw text. Ms. Liu further focused on analysis of the impact of sentiment on stock price movement by utilizing text extraction and adjusted abnormal stock price movements due to stock splits to make stock price prediction model optimized to the historical values.

Ms. Liu has developed a proprietary time series query and on-demand delivery to the Overbond ML modeling engine. In addition, Ms. Liu performed descriptive and inferential multivariate statistical analysis to get insights and compared new machine learning algorithms with the traditional approaches.

Ms. Liu holds a Master’s degree in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Waterloo.

Lead Full Stack Engineer

Daniel Cheley

Mr. Cheley is a seasoned software engineer with expertise in the design and implementation of cloud services spanning across various industries.

Currently Daniel is responsible for maintaining Overbond’s existing suite of digital products, while also leveraging new tools to expand the scope of many existing features. Mr. Cheley leads the full stack development team in the integration of external data sources with internal platforms. This involves transforming, storing and ultimately displaying data in a value-added manner for consumption by financial experts.

Prior to Overbond, Mr. Cheley built customer facing interfaces for remote access to electric vehicle chargers. Functionality included payment processing, usage analytics and real-time information about available hardware within a consumer’s network. Mr. Cheley has also worked within Ontario Public Services, automating internal processes for the Ministry of Economic Development and Growth.

Mr. Cheley holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, along with a Certificate of Full Stack Development from General Assembly’s Bitmaker program.

Adam anozy

Sales Associate

Adam Anozy

Mr. Anozy is responsible for Overbond’s global sales initiatives across North America, Europe, and Asia. He is focused on expanding the sales funnel as well as initial client engagement.

Prior to joining Overbond, Mr. Anozy was an FX Sales Associate for Ebury Partners where he was instrumental in expanding the organization’s client base and improving the sales process. Mr. Anozy’s primary responsibilities focused on working directly with treasury managers and CFOs of large corporates to implement effective FX hedging programs. His extensive knowledge of the currency markets and over-the-counter FX derivatives allowed him to provide a consultative approach for his clients.

As an individual who takes initiative, Mr. Anozy is always looking for ways to streamline and refine sales workflows for himself and for his team members. Along with his experience in sales, Mr. Anozy brings with him extensive capital markets knowledge that he uses to inform clients on fixed-income market trends.

Mr. Anozy holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Ryerson University and is currently pursuing his CFA designation.

People and culture

Teena Joshua

Ms. Joshua is an experienced Human Resource Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Ms. Joshua has worked extensively in the Human Capital Consulting and Learning & Development functions and managed global delivery of talent initiatives to enhance organizational culture and launched Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives at a national and international level. Ms. Joshua manages the talent acquisition and talent management at Overbond inclusive of all Overbond Co-op and Internship campus recruiting programs.

Prior to Overbond, Ms. Joshua worked on the strategic implementation of HR Transformation at a management consulting firm to integrate and build global employee performance enhancement projects. In this role, Ms. Joshua redesigned the total rewards and recognition system to improve the employee productivity index.

Ms. Joshua manages employee relations and promotes performance initiatives at the group and individual levels to drive a high performing and collaborative culture and ensure performance management policies and practices are being followed including facilitating employee reviews. In addition, Ms. Joshua maintains business processes as systems continue to evolve in order to support the requirements of a fast-growing firm.

Ms. Joshua holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Anna University and completed her post graduation in Human Resource Management.

Overbond Advisory Board

Jaimie Grant

Global Head of Fixed Income and Enterprise Market Data at Thomson Reuters

Jamie is an industry leader, visionary and innovator with 25 years experience in the financial services industry. Jamie is Global Head of Fixed Income and Enterprise Market Data for Thomson Reuters; based in New York for the past 10 years. Previously to TR Jamie held senior positions within the Canadian Banks over a 15 year career in international debt capital markets. Jamie has incorporated his financial markets trading experience to conceptualize and build out aspects of Thomson Reuters organizational model and its future development path to achieve growth.

Grace Schalkwyk

CEO, Gramercy Digital Strategy Advisors

Grace has deep domain expertise in the financial services and information industries. Based in New York, she advises emerging technology companies on business strategy and revenue development, and develops new business ideas. From 2001 to 2009, she led Standard and Poor’s global credit information and data business to 22% annual growth, from $50 million to $200 million over 8 years. Previously, from 1999 to 2001, she was Chief Financial Officer at, a German-American company serving the fine art sector. From 1996 to 1998, she was the Vice President of Business Development at Reuters America, where she extensively surveyed financial technologies and market data opportunities. She was an investment banker at Credit Suisse (First Boston) from 1983 to 1995, originating and executing 100 transactions including fixed income, equity, IPO, project finance, acquisitions, divestitures, and privatizations for Canadian and US companies.

Earl Davis

Former Director Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities (FICC) at Ontario Teacher Pension Plan, former Vice President and Director, Fixed Income STIR Trading at TD Securities

Earl is an industry leader, trader and fixed income expert with 25 years experience in the financial services industry. Earl headed Fixed Income Trading for Ontario Teacher Pension Plan for 11 years. Previously to Teachers Earl held senior positions within the TD Securities. Earl draws upon his financial markets trading experience, along his deep technology and market infrastructure knowledge I his advisory role with Overbond R&D Labs evangelizing new bond pricing models and new applications of AI models in fixed income industry.

Alvin Burgos

Former Head of US Fixed Income Sector Management Trading at DWS Group

At DWS, Alvin led a team that included 14 investment professionals focused on Fixed Income and FX markets, which consisted of providing execution for the global platform (Active, Passive and Alternative strategies) in Credit ($34bn annual turnover), Rates and Derivatives ($90bn annual turnover), FX ($120 bn annual turnover) and MBS ($36 bn annual turnover). Alvin has held senior fixed income positions at several Wall Street financial institutions since late nineties and continues to lead industry wide adoption of cutting-edge technologies and predictive analytics algorithms in fixed income trading.