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COBITM - Corporate & Government Bond Intelligence

COBI (Corporate and Government Bond Intelligence) is a comprehensive suite of Overbond AI algorithms that enhance relationships between investors and corporate bond issuers through better price discovery, leading to more efficient deal benchmarking, participation, and execution. 

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AI driven supply and demand matching

Experience stronger engagement with fixed income market participants through an extensive issuer, dealer and investor AI powered network.


Investment opportunity network

Our digitally-enabled investment opportunity network offers exclusive access to curated opportunities to match your investment portfolio.


Enhanced transactional capabilities

Transact with confidence by drawing on proprietary analytics and comprehensive real-time market data.


COBI matching

Overbond's COBI (Corporate and Government Bond Intelligence) engine uses big data technology and machine learning to predict primary debt capital markets pricing and deal data. COBI Opportunities provides investors with curated investment ideas for new debt issues. COBI allows issuers and investors to receive curated analytics, pre-deal sentiment analysis and engage in private debt deals.

The implementation of machine learning methods and AI for investment improves prediction accuracy for the future prices of bonds and guides secondary market bond trading.

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