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Enhanced client engagement with real-time data and customized analysis, monetizing on AI powered fixed income network. Source new deal supply and real time market opportunities. Automated client engagement, pricing and marketing capabilities.

New Deal Flow

Monetize on powerful AI enabled fixed income network of issuers and investors to uncover matched deal opportunities. Access Real-Time highest potential leads.


Enhance Client Coverage

Predictive deal-related analytics. Real-time communication with issuers and investors. End-to-end deal workflow that enables instant interest conversion into offers for clients.


Boost Operational Efficiency

Provide clients with instant new issue pricing indications, one-click refresh request, data visualization and advanced analytics. Digitally and efficiently market sound on behalf of issuers and investors.


COBI Pricing is Overbond’s most advanced AI bond pricing solution for electronic bond trading. Market making, bond pricing as well as the data connectivity to electronic markets, fundamental data, buyer preferences, and exchanges (e.g. Refinitiv, Bloomberg, Six, MTS) are integrated into one pricing engine.

COBI Pricing utilizes deep data aggregation and AI modeling (patented Overbond technology). Models are trained on 5 years live markets data and last 20 years of back-data history. Overbond models show most precise bond pricing back-tests out-of-the box available in the market.

COBI Pricing performs near-real-time calculations of bond prices and yields while simultaneously providing data bridge with various electronic markets where CUSIPs/ISINs can be quoted and trades can execute. COBI offers a complete solution for pricing, quoting and trading which meets the current challenges of electronic bond trading.

  • Fully modular user interface
  • Most Precise Systematic Bond Pricing for Liquid and Illiquid Securities
  • Intelligent all-optimized quotation system and margin optimization algorithms
  • AI incorporates all market signals driving pricing (Price Momentum, Liquidity, Shape of the Curve, Buyer Preference, Fundamentals, Macro, Sector Specificity etc.)
  • Full audit trail with seamless data exports
  • Intuitive workflow solution, user-friendly display that quickly integrates into traders daily operations
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements (MiFID II, MiFIR, Basel IV, BaFin-RS etc.)
  • Deep all-optimized data lake for model training contains 20 years worth of fundamental, transaction and buyer pattern data

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For more information on how Overbond Bond Pricing AI benefits institutional dealers, please download the white paper below.

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For more information on how Overbond Bond Buyer Matching AI benefits institutional dealers, please download the white paper below.

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