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Overbond COBI-Matching Report

COBI-Matching White Paper

Overbond’s Bond Buyer Matching Algorithm, COBI-Matching, provides analytics platform for issuers, dealers and investors to discover traditional and non-traditional buyers for new bond issuances as well as profiling pricing tension in secondary market and risk appetite for target buyers, enabling systematic opportunity monitoring and market signal alerts.

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Overbond COBI-Pricing Report

COBI-Pricing White Paper

Overbond’s Primary Fixed Income Pricing model, COBI-Pricing, delivers on Price Discovery with competitive indicative new issue pricing. Clients can arrive at accurate indicative new issue pricing levels for issuers with only a fraction of the time and manual work required. Through this, clients can mitigate risk, increase efficiency and generate portfolio alpha.

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Overbond COBI-Issuance Report

COBI-Issuance White Paper

Overbond’s Primary Fixed Income Issuance Prediction model, COBI-Issuance, delivers on Issuance Discovery with issuance opportunity monitoring and matching signal alerts. Market counterparties can focus their pre-trade analytics on most likely new bond issuances with optimal pricing and supply-demand trend, resulting in increased efficiency and portfolio alpha.

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Overbond Pension Plan Report

Pension Plan Debt Issuance in Canada

On June 21st, 2017 AIMCo joined the list of pension funds issuing debt by launching its initial debt offering, a AAA rated C$400M 7-year note priced at 2.266%. This report analyzes the key trends and reasons for why large pension funds in Canada are starting to issue more and more debt.

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Overbond Cross-Border Report

Cross-Border Bond Issuance Dynamics

On April 7th, 2017, treasurers from some of Canada’s largest corporate and financial debt issuers gathered at the CFA Society Toronto luncheon to provide insight and share their considerable experiences in accessing international markets to meet their debt funding requirements. Overbond team engaged with the industry professionals to discuss key trends and considerations in cross-border bond issuance.

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Overbond M&A Report

Mergers & Acquisitions Financing with Bond Issuance

Global M&A activity has been robust in recent years, fueling the growth of the acquisition finance market. Debt financing, in particular, has become increasingly common for M&A transactions, thanks to the record low interest rate environment. While bridge financing is often imperative for the success for an acquisition, acquirers are recommended to promptly contemplate long-term financing.

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Overbond Corporate Cost of Funding Research Report

Cost of Funding Research Report

Overbond research team compared the cost of funding implications for an investment grade issuer using four different debt portfolio issuance strategies. The data utilized includes all U.S. treasury rates and generic “BBB” index spreads from 2002 to 2016. In aggregate, there are over 7,000 unique data points. The analysis concludes that issuing debt on a more frequent basis and in smaller issuance sizes has been shown to lower the average cost of borrowing and better diversify investor base.

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Overbond Bond Market Simulation Report

Bond Market Simulation

Overbond team performed a bond market simulation that empirically demonstrated differences in market connectivity utilizing traditional communication channels and fintech enhancements. The simulation results demonstrate significant cost decrease and increased network connectivity by implementing a more versatile infrastructure through fintech providers such as Overbond.

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Overbond Fixed Income Report

Fixed Income Report

Overbond team engaged with the industry professionals at the CFA Society Toronto luncheon to uncover key trends and challenges in the fixed income markets. Treasurers stressed the importance of an engaged investor base and actively managing their new issue process to align investors’ goals with the issuers. In addition, it is critical to manage relationships with multiple stakeholders, including dealer syndicates, regulators, rating agencies and legal counsel.

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